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TSUNAMI: Padang, Indonesia risks 1 Million dead

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A few days ago on Melbourne's 60 Minutes, renowned scientist Dr Kerry Sieh predicted that an earthquake and the ensuing next big wave or giant Tsunami will definitely happen, and it will be the Grandaddy of them all Indonesia gets the full force this time around ... When?... whether it be in a few months, or in a decade is what he cannot accurately predict at this present moment.

Dr Sieh, a Geology professor at the California Institute of Technology, knows Indonesia's earthquake zone like the back of his hand ... ..and he did in fact predict the first earthquake that hit parts of Indonesia on Boxing Day. Now he predicts another Tsunami will hit, and this will be the grandaddy of them all! From Melbourne MSN Channel 9's Sixty Minutes Richard Carleton explains why the earthquakes and ensuing Tsunami's occur:

RICHARD CARLETON: Dr Sieh's focus is on the faultline, 5000km long, where moving plates of the earth's crust grind against each other. The plate under the Indian Ocean slides beneath Indonesia, much like the disappearing stairs on an escalator. But some sections get stuck and then later snap upwards, releasing gargantuan force.

DR KERRY SIEH: The plates get hung up and they can't slip past each other, so the upper plate gets dragged down as this plate sinks and with it, the islands get dragged down, slowly but surely, and when the earthquake happens, they pop back up and out.

RICHARD CARLETON: And that's what happened last Boxing Day. The quake jolted the mainland so violently that people were thrown to the ground. What a pointless waste of life! ... Dr Sieh warned the governments concerned ahead of time .. he personally went down and alerted inhabitants of the affected villages in Indonesia to protect themselves against the Tsunami he just knew would happen ... but nobody paid any attention to him ... now when he walks into these same villages, he is welcomed and treated as a hero ! From his 14 satellite research station, high in the mountain tops of the humid Indonesian jungle, Dr Sieh now predicts the next Tsunami will hit: .. and the precise location ... right opposite the city of Padang in Indonesia ... inhabitants: 1 million people! Repeat: All he cannot pinpoint is when ... this disaster could be in months, the next decade or in twenty years! The city of Padang is base for Australian surfers who go there to surf the waves of the Menwawais ... where some of the best surfing breaks in the world may be found .. as an Australian citizen this alarms me greatly. Geographically, the city of Padang would have difficulty dealing with a high tide, the devastation caused by the grandaddy of Tsunamis is incomprehensible. Imagine a mere 15 minute warning before the earthquake .. ... and then the waters of the giant Tsunami gushing down the streets of Padang, just like it did in Banda Acheh washing everything away in its stride .. ... a moving torrent of cars, oil, broken trees and precious human life!

My call to all my fellow Marketers, the Search Engine Optimization community, Retail colleagues and anyone who reads this post: Do everything in your power to reach your readers in Indonesia, particularly the city of Padang .. they need to take heed and make adequate provision to stop the pointless human slaughter this time around. Whether this be in the form of lobbying your local Government bodies, or through local press release, we have to help this time before the devastation of this giant wave, the grandaddy of Tsunami's .. takes away more precious human life .. .. but above all do this in a responsible manner .. causing wide spread panic amongst unworldly village inhabitants or your worldwide audience will not help. Melbourne's Channel 9 has the whole story including a video of the interview available at their site . The video version is half-way down the page. Due to the ever changing nature of News, I cannot guarantee how long this link will be up. Whilst this news is hardly topical for an internet marketing and search engine optimization Blog, as a parent the irreversible damage to our environment has me greatly concerned ... please do whatever you can to stop this alarming trend.

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